The Horizon Partnership Ltd

The Horizon Partnership Ltd is a designer and developer of small gas turbine and battery powered

helicopters noted for, amongst many things, their ease of flying, safety of flying. efficiency and low cost.

These machines, referred to as Autocopters, are intended to sell into a marketplace that encompasses

Personal Transport, Air Taxi, Corporate, Utility and Military uses. They come in sizes from 2 to 8 seats

They are built using a family of common modules that include a Coaxial Main Rotor, Fan

Propulsion System, Electric Drive, Electric Actuation, Autonomous Fly-By-Wire Flight Control,

Recuperated Micro-Turbines, Batteries, Supercapacitors and Carbon Fibre Structures

Common functional themes include Category A certification, Single Pilot IFR,

Terrain/Obstacle/Envelope Protection, joystick semi-autonomous active control,

Remote Pilotage and potentially carbon neutral or zero operation

Cruise speeds from 175 to 200kts.  Range from 600 to 1000km on gas turbine power