About Horizon Helicopters Ltd

Creating Horizon Helicopters Ltd

The Horizon Partnership is now in the process of raising funds to develop, certificate,

manufacture and sell the Autocopter family of helicopters. The company that does this

will be called Horizon Helicopters Ltd.

People Involved in HH

The people involved in Horizon Helicopters Ltd are a mixture of managers and

engineers who have spent most of their working lives in aerospace (particularly

helicopters), automotive and finance. The directors of HH include an engineer who

was until recently the chief engineer of one of Europe’s largest helicopter companies. 

Another is someone who was the senior test pilot of the Royal Air Force, and until

recently a director in one of the UK’s largest aerospace companies.

Associated Companies

Horizon has formed a number of relationships with world-class companies in the UK

and USA who will assist it design and make the common modules of the aircraft. 

Horizon’s task will then be to assemble the aircraft from these modules and sell them

either directly to customers or through the sales outlets of other companies.