Horizon has put together a number of presentations aimed at investors who wish to

understand more about the technical background to the Autocopter, what other

machines it competes with and the HH Business Plan.  All require a name and password

in order to gain access, obtained through the contacts page.

Outline Specification and Background

The purpose of this document is to explain in fairly non-technical terms the design

objectives of The Horizon Partnership in creating the Conceptual Design of the

Autocopter and how it fitted into the landscape of autonomous automobile technology,

certification of helicopters, what it would be like to fly, sustainability etc.

The Competition in Air Taxis

This documents looks at five competing air taxi machines, one already flying and the

others, like the Autocopter, still in Design and Development. Not a Horizon document

but uses information on the Auto-Copter supplied by Horizon.

Disruptive Technology

The technology being used and how it is to be deployed.

The Fully Integrated Flight Control System

For Personal Transport machines in particular, the fitting of a fully integrated,

fly-by-wire flight controller will be a major step forward in their evolution. 

Hitherto, such systems have only been available in very expensive military machines. 

By fully integrated (necessary for autonomous flight) we mean that the controls of

nearly every system within the aircraft are linked together in a way that makes autonomous

flight possible. Though with a pilot on board the aircraft is generally flown in what is called

semi-autonomous mode.

The Design and Build of Flight Prototypes

The Business Plan for HAL refers to six funding tranches, the first three of which are aimed

at the award of a Provisional Type Approval Certificate. This will involve the design and build

of up to six flight prototypes, and how Horizon sees them being designed and made is the

subject of this document.

Investor Material